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Healthcare Ecosystem

Caring and Intelligent

We are established to improve the quality of service in healthcare industry. We aspire to deliver Smart Healthcare for the society, with the principle that everybody deserves an affordable and high quality healthcare services.

The word “Diacon” is coming from Greek word which mean “to serve”.

It’s our intention to serving the healthcare industry by using the latest and state of art technologies. Our motto Caring and Intelligent emphasize that we are focusing to provide a solution that will improved healthcare industry to be more effective and efficient. We aspire to deliver a Greater Patient Experience for every stakeholder in the Healthcare ecosystem.

To be an excellent experience

and cost effective provider for all stakeholders in wider healthcare ecosystem, by collaborating state of the art and shared technologies with the leading and innovative industry expertise.

Complex administration and

intransparency at the healthcare provider, and also lack of awareness of our health status as a patient is tend to lead a bad patient experience. Which resulting more cost and bad patient outcome

The key to improve patient experience

is by collaborating patient with the healthcare provider using advanced technology. It will connects all parties anytime, anywhere and all data stored in secured manner.

We would like

to build a health information

exchange platform  that safe, effective, patient centered, intelligent, equitable for every stakeholder in order to achieve Improvement on level and equity of health. With blockchain powered on the platform we establish the interoperability and safe connection between parties involved. This will enable the data to follow patients wherever they receive care, and eliminate unnecessary services or duplicate test. The platform will give the highest level of data integrity, and help to reduce transaction costs, also establish the benefits when a health information exchange delivers. 


Healthcare Provider

  • Arsip Sehat

    A complete Journal for your Health Record

    Arsip Sehat facilitate you to record a complete journal of you and your family health record anytime and anywhere. Makes easier to monitor your personal health record and family

  • Carevo

    Provide the best service to your patients

    Carevo helps you to improve the Patient Experience with an integrated and affordable platform. You can have a platform with your own brand to deliver telehealth service and online reservations that are safe and reliable. Within a short implementation time you can immediately improve patient experience at your Hospital or Clinic

Smart Healthcare Ecosystem

that apply Patient-Centric and distributed 

will resulting more convenient and effective health service delivery, reduce medical costs, and improved service quality

Just a Few Steps

to get closer with healthcare facilities

User can record their Health record on the Carevo PHR

Health Record

User can book doctor schedule via online and choose to do either online or offline consultation


Integrated with Payment Gateway so Healthcare Provider will receive the payment without any hassle


User will receive confirmation booking And the link to do online consultation, also receipt /invoice


User can do the consultation via online through the link we shared, or offline consultation by meeting directly on the scheduled


We offer benefits

to improve Patient Experience by delivering


With blockchain technology on our platform, patient’s data will be available across the ecosystem while keep its privacy and authenticity. Patient can share their data to their trusted party by granted them the permission.

Improve Patient Outcome

By having a comprehensive record of patient, it can provides a vehicle for improving quality and safety of patient care by reducing medication and medical errors. Also provides caregivers with clinical decision support tools for more effective care and treatment for their patients.


Increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and handling; also help to eliminate redundant or unnecessary testing. Providing a comprehensive data in real time manner.

Cost Reduction

By having those benefits and others, the ultimate goal is to reduce the health related cost, makes it more equitable for everyone to access a high quality service of health.

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